Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Make beauty your business!

Recently Avon placed an anonymous ad online stating "Beauty Lovers Wanted". The job opening was for men and women interested in selling skincare and makeup. The job description stated you could make your own hours and work with your own clientele. Avon did not disclose the name of the company they would be working for. The applicants came in for interviews and were encouraged to do the talking about their goals and desires.

Avon interviewers told them a little more about the 128-year-old company. They stated that this company is one of the largest makeup color palettes in the world. The interviewers also stated this company has raised more than $500 million for Avon Breast Cancer Awareness. Then the applicants were told that the beauty company was AVON. Their reactions were amazing! View the Beauty Lovers Wanted video to see for yourself what they said. 

I just started selling Avon again.  I was a beauty rep a few years ago but I dropped it for awhile and now I decided to start up again.  It is really nice to hear people say "I'm glad you are selling Avon, I need fill in the blank.  And some people lost their Avon ladies so I'm not afraid to step up and be of assistance to them.

It only costs 15 dollars to start up and you get a box from the awesome UPS drivers who don't mind that you answer the door in pj's with an 11 month old crying on your hip!  I would love for you to sign up under me and we can help each other succeed!

Click on the link above and make sure you put cbaasch as your rep so you will be able to be on my team!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Current Avon Catalog and sales

I just started selling Avon and I love the sales, the products, and the prices!  Stop by and e-mail me if you have any questions!  I also have deals for my local customers and new customers get goodies!

Check out the current catalog and you always get free shipping when your order is $35 dollars and over!